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                                                     WHY WE STEMulate!!!



To offer an environment that helps to understand the mind and skill sets of youth and elderly by identifying key components of the thought process that may be the root cause to barriers that limits personal growth, while providing new pathways for innovative change and at the same time effectively reducing the cultural and digital divide.


Cognitive Science and Social Psychology is a phenomenon studied by Cognitive Scientist Herbert A. Simon, who originally proposed that human judgments  are based on heuristics, taking the concept from the field of computation.

Statistical mechanics is a collection of mathematical tools that are used to fill the disconnection between the laws of mechanics and the practical experience of incomplete knowledge.

 A cognitive bias has the tendency to make systematic decisions in certain situations.

 In judgment and decision making:

 A Cognitive bias is the human tendency to make systematic decisions in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence. Bias arises from various processes that are sometimes difficult to distinguish. These processes include information-processing shortcuts, motivational factors, and social influence. Such biases can result from information-processing shortcuts called HEURISTICS. They include errors in judgment, social attribution, and memory. Cognitive biases are a common outcome of human thought, and often drastically skew the reliability of anecdotal and legal evidence.


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