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Mythical Metamorphosis

Cosmic Hunt Myths depicts constellations of stars as animals pursued by hunters, are common in Eurasia and the Americas.

When significant evolutionary changes occurs, it is generally restricted to rare and very fast events of branching specification. This phenomenon is called punctuated equilibrium. The same appears to hold true when it comes to myths!

What is a Myth? Myths are first and foremost psychic phenomena that reveal the nature of the soul.

Carl Jung, The Founding Father of analytic psychology, believed that myths appear in similar forms in different cultures because they emerge from an area of the mind called the collective unconscious.

Biologist are using phylogenetic analysis to investigate the evolutionary relationship between species, constructing branching diagrams, or trees, that represent relationships of commons ancestry based on shared traits. This method allows for measuring and identifying new branches and those lost over time as the myth spreads over time.

In 2012 doctoral candidate Julien d'Huy, of Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris discovered some very interesting analogies while doing his Multidisciplinary research conducted in association with the Institute of African Worlds, draws on evolutionary theory and computer modeling in the comparative analysis of myths.

excerpt taken from Scientific America, Dec. 2016

#myths #mythical #metamorphsis #phylogenetic #punctuatedequilibrium

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