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The B.A.M. Consortium primary goal is to raise the consciousness of its constituency through building and supporting local and national historic outreach venues that educate and promote the contributions of Organizations, Businesses and/or Individuals that have had a positive impact in society. 

BLAC ACTS Is Looking For Partners!!!


 BLAC ACTS is a collective of African Americans, Latino's, Asians & Caucasians who's goal are to bring together five (5) representatives of the most resourceful non-profit organizations, businesses or individuals representing Art, Culture, Technology and Science. By utilizing unity and ethnicity to form the body of this concept we will assure that a historical cultural relevance is maintained in raising the consciousness of future generations.


 Five (5) organizations will introduce One (1) new associate organization, business or individual using the same principles. This will enhance our outreach to a much larger constituency and have a greater impact in our communities. Each division of operation should operate under a non-hierarchy concept, while always keeping the communities interest first. This will be achieved by a majority vote on all decisions by the initial five participating representatives.


This concept will allow each organization, business or individual a resource pool for conducting successful events.  These events should consist of the principles of The B.A.M. Cosortium, which are REPECT, INTEGRITY and PRIDE (R.I.P.), always remembering the contributions of those who pave the way for others.


Each group and individual should discuss personal, cultural prejudices and stigmas to help bring forth a collective vision.


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Our Mission is to offer an environment that helps understand the mind and skill sets of youth and seniors by identifying key components of their thought process that may be the root cause to barriers that limits personal growth. Our goal is to provide new pathways for innovative change,  we hope to  effectively help reduce the cultural and digital divide.

Cognitive Science and Social Psychology is a phenomenon studied by Cognitive Scientist Herbert A. Simon, who originally proposed that human judgments are based on heuristics, taking the concept from the field of computation.

Statistical mechanics is a collection of mathematical tools that are used to fill this disconnection between the laws of mechanics and the practical experience of incomplete knowledge.

 A cognitive bias has the tendency to make systematic decisions in certain situations,
in judgment and decision making.


To Make A Donation, Click on Donate, We are a tax exampt 501(c)(3)

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