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We STEMulate.Org
Our mission is to offer an environment that helps to understand the mind and skill sets of youth and seniors by identifying key components of the thought process that may be the root cause to barriers that limits personal growth.  Providing new pathways for innovating change, While at the same time effectively reducing the cultural and digital divide.

Nemesis Technology Group


The cloud for advance technolgy, build you app without knowing how to program. Live Broacasting, E-Books and Live Video Steaming with VOD channels.



Black Panther Tours.Com

​The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation is a community-based, non-profit research, education, and advocacy center dedicated to fostering progressive social change. By preserving the history of multicultural activism and community self-determination, by educationg the public about this history's continued relevance, and by creating a crucible for practicing ongoing progressive change, guided by the writings and teachings of Huey P. Newton, the Foundation seeks to empower all people, but especially urban youth, to be builders of a true global community.



News from the streets, where your voice is news! Live Broadcasting at your finger tips.


Inventors Consultant.Com

All of us are born with creative and inventive ability and it is my job to help bring out this ability by sharing some of my experiences and practices that will allow you to reach your creative and inventive goals, I will help to cut through all of the myths, distortions and untrue rhetoric about acquiring US Patents.

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